Zespol Szkol Ogolnoksztalcacych, Poland 

Zespół Szkół Ogólnokształcących is a public, non-profit general secondary school with about 300 students aged 15 - 19 and about 40 teaching staff. We offer general education classes aimed at preparing our students for school finishing/college entrance exams. The school is located in Nidzica, in the north-east of Poland, the region of Warmia and Masuria. According to Eurostat (2018), the Warmia and Masuria region is one of the 20 poorest regions in Europe, with its GDP significantly below even the national, Polish average, and an unemployment rate that is, in turn, well above the national average (7.2% vs 4.9%). On the other hand, the region is famous for its clean environment, 2000 lakes, and its nature. Around 11% of the region consists of protected nature areas, which is the largest share in any Polish region. This in turn gives the region a high potential for the development of the tourism sector. According to the report prepared for the European Social Fund - financed project “Warmia and Mazury 2020 - scenarios of development”, the main factors stimulating the development of the voivodeship are ecologically-, culturally- and socially- based. Tourism is one of the leading sectors of Warmia and Masuria’s economy and it can be stimulated through the increase of external interest in the region’s tourist/leisure offers during the entire year (not only holidays), establishing co-operation with foreign partners and searching for new tourist venues/activities.
We would like to tap into the forecast development trends, providing better employment opportunities for our students – however, the school doesn’t offer any classes/activities for students in this subject. The key person in the project will be Ms Dorota Ściślewska, a teacher of “Knowledge about Culture” subject and French Language in our school, also a person with a keen interest in travel and tourism as an organizer of school exchanges and school trips to France and Belgium. Her background makes her a perfect candidate for running a project in the area of cultural heritage and tourism. In an unlikely case she leaves her post in the future, the role will be taken over by Ms Anna Dulska, a Geography teacher, who is also the supervisor of the TRIP Travel Agency. Our school can lend the Partnership its experience and support in the area of project management: The general school coordinators of the project will be two English teachers: Mrs Grażyna Wial-Kisielińska and Mrs Agata Dutkowska, who have successfully coordinated 3 Erasmus+ KA2 School Education projects, 1 KA1 Mobility of Individuals project and Youth in Action project in the school, and also participated as a partner in 2 Comenius projects – all of it in the last 10 years.