Silales Simonas Gaudesius gymnasium, Lithuania

Silale Simonas Gaudesius Gymnasium is a secondary school educating students according to the 2nd part of Basic School Curriculum and Secondary School Curriculum. There are 449 students and 54 teachers at school this year. Our school is situated in Šilalė, a small town in the western part of Lithuania, which is only 70 kilometres away from Klaipėda port. Silale Simonas Gaudesius Gymnasium was established in 1921 and this year is the 77th year when we have graduates. During this long period our school has created and has been developing the traditions which have been cherished by the whole school community (teachers, students and parents). One of our main goals in our school is to create the environment and conditions to our students so as they had a possibility to gain all-round education, to identify and develop their various skills, to get acquainted not only with their native land and country but to familiarize with other culture, history and traditions from all over the world, as well. That is why a strong focus is on implementation of projects, on different activities in arts, sports and other creative activities, as well as on use and application of new methodology of teaching and modern IT in the process of education. The students at school can learn 3 foreign languages (English, German and Russian), attend different clubs like choir, drama, art, musical instrument band, dance and sport.
Joined projects and cooperation with other school from other countries play a great part in the school activity. Our project team consists of teachers who are experienced in variuous youth and Erasmus+ projects: IT specialists, headmaster, 6 english language teachers, 4 sports teachers, geography teachers, science and history teachers. Our school‘s motivation to join this project is based on the fact, that the project will help the participating students with the development of their abilities to prepare the complex tourism product and realize it in a real environment by sharing the participants as tourists from variuous foreign countries-the project school partners. It will contribute to better versatility of the students in the tourism labour market. It also promotes cooperation between EU countries, particularly through the exchange of good practices. The main aim of joining the project is to encourage young people to engage in sport and adventure activities for their own pleasure, enjoying their participation in sport and adventure and showing young people that sport is a healthy, worthwile alternative to a sedentary lifestyle.