Private Bahcesehir College AA Egitim Kurumlari A.S., Turkey 

Our school is a private high school with students aged 14 to 18; we cover three different types of high-school: Anatolian High school, Science High school and Science and Technology High school. Our high school system is based on a 4 years study, from 9th to 12th grade. There are 314 students and 30 teachers in the school. Our school bases its studies on preparing students as global citizens, in a world where no one is a foreigner any longer. Thus, foreign languages (English and German) are important studies and communication as well. We want our students to be able to make projects or take responsibility in a project, to be aware of the social problems in the world, to be able or willing to find solutions. We want our students to be able to empathize with others, or feel free to explain themselves. We want them to treasure their own culture and feel proud of it, and to be eager to learn new languages, traditions, culture and places around the world. These are the main reasons for our motivation to join this project.
Ms. Corina Meryem Andıç will be the key person in charge of running the project in our school. In case she leaves, Selin Dalbudak will take over. They both are English teachers in our school and also keen to work with European projects. We are presently part of an European project (WISH) where we collaborate with Gaziantep University on social inclusion. Our students have been working hard and loved what they are doing. They have learnt how to be a team, how to make research, take responsibility and tried to be at use for those in need. Our primary and middle school have been involved in European projects (Comenius, Erasmus +) for a few years now and Ms. Corina Meryem Andıç was part of their team until she was transferred to high school. Now she wants high school students to be part of such projects, as it is going to be very useful for their future. Students in our school have been involved in various national projects also, like Robotics competitions, TUBITAK ( Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey), MUN (Model United Nations), etc. We have not participated in an EU granted project as direct partners. We have been participating in a project where Gaziantep University is a partner and our students have been implementing it. It is called WISH.