The dissemination activities will be useful for spreading Erasmus + experience. The project presentations, lessons and the Mini-Fair of Tourism will create new co-operation with local travel agencies and other schools. There, L/T/Ts will be promoted and also the project results (dictionary, TRIP heritage guide, guide handbook, videos, etc.) will be shared. The dimension of social inclusion will be fulfilled during the TRIP excursion which will be organized for the local disadvantaged hence the social inclusion in the practice.

Profession´s Day presented the Erasmus+ TRIP project activities to the primary school students 
Click on the button to read the full description of this project activity towards the pupils and teachers of the primary schools in the wider surroundings of the Žilina area.

TRIP project activities in the regional newspaper
Here is the article published in MY Žilinské noviny during December 2019. It describes the recent activities realised within the TRIP project, primarily the short-term joint-staff training event in Gaziantep which was held there in November 2019.

Erasmus+ Blood Donation in Žilina

On 5th of December, 2019, the Private Vocational School Pro scholaris organized the Blood Donation Day. The students and teachers from Pro scholaris and from another one, the Joined Vocational Secondary School in Žilina - Bytčica, had the opportunity to help to save lifes of other people. In fact, the main objective of this activity was to promote the European values of respect for human dignity and and human rights of every citizen. For this reason, the event was realized with the support of the TRIP project.

TRIP travel agency - first meetings in Slovakia

On the 5th of November, 2019, the Slovak partner school, SSOŠ Pro scholaris, organized the first meeting of the local TRIP travel agency. The project coordinator, Ms. Eva Ladňáková, described all the project aims, activities and meetings, She explained the disseminiation of the project results and established rules of the TRIP travel agency operation.

TRIP project promoted to the parents

On the 10th of October, 2019, Private Secondary Vocational School Pro scholaris promoted the TRIP project to all the parents and school partners who met during the gathering of the School council and to parents who attended the classrooms´ parental meeting. We shared the info about the TRIP project and the intentions we want to do with the students. Parents were excited about involving their children to the Erasmus+ activities.

International Tourism Day and Social Inclusion in Pro scholaris, Žilina

Read more about the short-term school project realized by the students under the supervision of Ms. Ladňáková.

International Tourism Day in ZSO in Nidzica

On the 27th of September, 2019, the school community of Zespół Szkół Ogólnokształcących in Nidzica celebrated the annual International Tourism Day! This year, the event took on a particular meaning for our school, as we are participating in an Erasmus+ project “Travelling Raises an Inclusive Partnership”.

Students from our school prepared artworks and presentations about various tourist aspects, and dressed up in costumes, all of that to promote travelling, the TRIP project and Erasmus+ programme in general. The presentations took place on Geography, History, foreign languages and form lessons. Overall, it was a fun and creative but also very informative day for our students!