Istituto Superiore C. A. Dalla Chiesa, Italy  

Our school is situated in the small town of Afragola.Our students are aged between 14 and 19 and can follow three different curricula: they can become building surveyors, computer science technicians or graphic designers. Most of them are from financially disadvantaged families, from rural areas and very limited experience of life outside their native area and country. Our school specializes in vocational education, with a great attention to sector areas belonging to our school addresses which range from Graphics and Photography, Information Technology issues and last but not least to Building Surveying and Environmental topics. That’s why our school community would benefit
immensely dealing with the subjects connected with the general topic of the project. Ours is a technical institute not specialized in Tourisms but surely it offers many connections to the area. Just to mention some of them , our graphic address covers the creation and the printing of touristic leaflets/ brochures and contemplates Photography as a subject area. Following the guidelines of “Europe 2020”, the respect for our cultural Heritage and the raising awareness about its preservation are considered main targets for educational upbringing Embracing this project so far would mean a massive opportunity for our school grounds but especially would hit some fundamental targets.
Reflecting upon the above – mentioned topics will be helpful for fostering a social consciousness and European identity for the formation of well-rounded, self-sufficient future citizens. Issues can be carried out according to the "compare and contrast" methodology, which is very useful when different voices come together to reach a common target. We would like to join this project to broaden our students` horizons in the areas of practical life skills, in order to make them a part of society, fully able to engage in everyday activities an simultaneously practice English in real. This new project gives the students an opportunity to gain an international awareness and to be able to behave, think and act
as productive members of society and functional citizens. Our school has experience with international projects since 2008 (Since 2015 : 2 Erasmus + project as a coordinator and as partner school an other Erasmus + project, KA1 action also). Erasmus+ work team has been selected according to their linguistic and ICT competences and for their certified experiences on similar issues. The involved staff is with long experience and it has participated in previous European projects. Mrs Maria Ferrara, the contact person and deputy at the school, will work with all the languages teachers. She has a long experience with Erasmus + projects and she has already been the contact person for a previous project.The other teachers will be involved according to their specific competences related to the project (teachers of graphics and photography) and to their languages competences.