C1 (L/T/T activities for the teachers) in Turkey will be focused on the topic “How to prepare the tourism product?” that will be important for a successful management of the project. This project activity will help the partner schools to understand how the real travel agency operates, they will learn how to create a appropriate tourism product and how to promote it effectively. These two seminars and following workshop will be linked with all the aims of entrepreneurial learning.

C2 – C7 (L/T/T activities for the teachers and students) in different hosting countries will be a product of students team work in the TRIP Travel Agency that will be created at each partner school. Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils will be focused on the most prevalent and the most basic forms of tourism: cultural and sightseeing tourism, sport and adventure tourism, medical and spa tourism, rural and ecological tourism, recreational tourism. All the L/T/T activities will involve educational excursions focused on UNESCO World Heritage sights. Thanks to this fact, the students will increase their awareness of the cultural heritage. The seminars will point at forms of tourism which will be presented to the participants by the deputies of tourism organizations. Thanks to these activities, the students will be obliged to co-operate with a tourism entrepreneurs at local, regional or national level. During each L/T/T, the guide topics such as topographic preparation, planning the budget, itinerary of a tour, psychological preparation - typology of participants, evaluation of a tour will be explained through seminars and workshops which will be led by the co-ordinator. This will achieve all the aims of entrepreneurial learning too. Obviously, thanks to the content of L/T/Ts, the students will acquire the most essential life skills: ICT, health, financial management, communication, co-operation, critical thinking, leadership, good manners, etc. Moreover, the participants will have an opportunity to co-operate with participants who are hit by various disadvantages. The C7 activity will help teachers to develop their pedagogic skills in reference with the tourism topics taught across the basic subjects at partner schools.