Sukromná stredna odborna skola Pro scholaris, Slovakia 

Private Secondary Vocational School Pro scholaris in Žilina, Slovakia, offers secondary education in three fields of study: business academy, regional tourism management and information systems and services. We have 172 daily students from various social levels and backgrounds and 17 teachers. One of our most important aims is to lead our students to become a high-quality and attractive competition at the EU labour market as well as to prepare them for their possible studies at a university. The project will be realized in the connection with project-based learning. It will help students to obtain knowledge thanks to their own work and activity, in fact it develops competences such as the 21st- century skills and dimensions towards social inclusion. The project connects entrepreneurship, tourism and information technologies which are the main objects of study at our school. Our school offers training courses for the public, among others, also a training focused on guide services. For this reason, our teachers can be responsible for the theoretical aspect of the project and they guarantee that the project activities will be managed professionally. The project partners are from different parts of the world and from miscellaneous cultural, religious and social backgrounds what makes the social inclusion atmosphere possible.
The key people in charge of running the project are: School headteacher, Mgr. Tomáš Milata, History and Arts teacher, one of the lecturers coaching the courses of guide services. The headteacher´s deputy, Mgr. Matúš Dobeš as a teacher of Geography and Tourism in English, language support with all tourism terms, member of Erasmus+ project team, a coordinator of WISH project focused on social inclusion, then 21st-century skills and project-based learning. Mgr. Eva Ladňáková: a teacher of Spanish language, Biology and Ecology, Religious Studies, a contact person within four projects, one of the lecturers coaching the guide services courses. She has had 10 years of experiences within the tourist guide services at the Orava Museum and she has also participated in tourist guide training where she has gained a tour guide certificate. Ing. Lenka Kubalová and Ing. Martina Dírerová: experts in teaching of tourism and members of Erasmus+ projects team. They led the students to practical implementation of the project results. Recently, Mrs. Dírerová is a guarantor of the guide services. These are the key people for the project, in case they leave their post, their role will be replaced with another project team member. Other project team members, also experienced in Erasmus+ projects, are: Ing. Ján Leľak, PhD. and Mgr. Peter Adamov: teachers of Mathematics. They will be responsible for evaluation and project outputs. Mgr. Vicente Arce, Mgr. Klaudia Polková and Mgr. Andrea Kostka Mikulová: English language teachers devoted to the development of communication skills among the students.