Public Facebook Video-Conference

On October 29, 2020, the Public Facebook Video-conference took place under the patronage of the SYTEV organization - Slovak Youth for Traveling, Education and Volunteering - where the student, Denis Uhrík, introduced the finished and also running Erasmus+ projects at the Private Vocational School Pro scholaris in Žilina, Slovakia. Denis described the TRIP project from the sight of a student participating on individual project activities.

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Italian TRIP travel agency meeting!

On December, the 17th, 2019, the Italian TRIP Travel Agency had the first meeting with "Sveta Tour" Travel Agency. We signed an agreement to have some seminars about the tourism products. The meeting took place in the languages lab at Dalla Chiesa Institute. A great thanks to Mr Felice Pannone!

TRIP lesson in ZSO, Nidzica!

On Tuesday, 07.01.2020, in Zespół Szkół Ogólnokształcących in Nidzica, Poland, we organized a TRIP-oriented lesson about UNESCO World Heritage sites in Turkey. The lesson was prepared by a student from our TRIP “Travel Agency” and project participant, Kuba, who gave a presentation in English to his younger schoolmates (Class 1a) during the “Knowledge about Culture” subject lesson, with the supervision of the subject’s teacher, Ms Dorota Ściślewska, also one of the teachers supporting TRIP project in our school.

Number of people reached/target groups: 30 students of ZSO.

Students selection process in Bahcesehir Koleji, Gaziantep!

First part in the students selection process within Bahcesehir Koleji in December 2019. Students created a tour depending on different types of tourism. It is worth mentioning that they were really creative. Tomorrow we will have the interview in English. 52 students participated in the process.

First Grade Initiation and Erasmus+ in Nidzica!

On Thursday, 31st October 2020, in our school (ZSO) we celebrated our annual Initiation of First Grade. This year, since we are involved in TRIP project, we decided to use tourism/travelling as the theme of the event: Each First Grade Class had an assigned country they were supposed to represent with their clothes, food and presentation. Some countries represented were: India, France, Mexico, Scotland, Russia, Japan. The day ended with a contest in front of the whole school community, where one First Grade was chosen as the winner of the best presentation and performance.

Target groups reached: entire school community, c.a. 500 students and 30 teachers

International Tourism Day in Nidzica!

On the 27th September 2019, the school community of Zespół Szkół Ogólnokształcących in Nidzica celebrated the annual International Tourism Day! This year the event took on a particular meaning for our school, as we are participating in an Erasmus+ project “Travelling Raises an Inclusive Partnership”.
Students from our school prepared artworks and presentations about various tourist aspects, and dressed up in costumes, all of that to promote travelling, the TRIP project and Erasmus+ programme in general. The presentations took place on Geography, History, foreign languages and form lessons. Overall, it was a fun and creative, but also very informative day for our students! Check the pictures!

Italian proposal won the TRIP project logo contest!

The following project logo proposals represent the best of the project partner schools´ outputs.
The contest was realized during the week of November, 11-15, 2019. Thanks for your vote!
The winning logo obtained more than 1,000 votes out of 1296 votes  total.
What an awesome participation!

Project Logo proposals
Official TRIP project logo